Performance Art in Xi’an, China: Exhibition at Para/Site Art Space

Chen Tan, GABI Performance Group, Leung Chi-wo, Leung Mee Ping

2月 12, 2004

This video features a talk held at Para/Site Art Space, Hong Kong on 12 February 2004. 

Xi’an artist Chen Tan used video to introduce the current development of performance art in Xi’an, China including A joint exhibition by Xian performance artists and peasant painters (nong min hua jia) of Hu county, a performance of the artists’ works presented in Europe, which includes two new works by Chen Tan and his collaborations with Swiss artists, as well as the works of GABI Performance Group. 

Chen performed two excerpts during the talk, while Warren Leung joined in at the latter piece which is entitled A Piece Asked by Someone and turned into A Piece Asked by Shi-tou.