Wuttin Chansataboot, Alex Pensato, Brigitta Boedenauer, Dawn Scarfe, Luke Fischbeck + Sarah Ra Ra, Erik Schmidt, Discriminating Gentlemen's Club, Martin Skauen, Eric Siu Chi-man, Zbigniew Karkowski + Atsuko Nojiri

5月 12, 2007

Sound Performance: Furze & Karmonic

Art Performance: Becky Ip & Magdalen Wong, Samantha Culp

Music: DJ Kawaki (White Noise), Loveless & Elle Est ChiNOISE

Video Art from US, UK, JP, NOR, AT, GER, CAN, THAI, and HK

NOUFAUX RICHE is a demonstration of a new cultural context in a world of invisible currency – where currency is data (dada?). And where invisibility opens doors to imagination. The non-material and intangible become the content. Cognitive invention, creative reconstruction, and the exploration of a world beyond a material reality are the glory . The ephemeral manifestation of moment and experience are the gold .

Hints of falsity, pretense and play emerge in this attempt to grasp at disparate dreams and confront contemporary anxiety. NOUFAUX RICHE may not contain material wealth, but rather an allusive, yet more extravagant wealth that exists somewhere within data, ideas and temporal essence. It all comes to form in an unrestrained late-night powwow of VIDEO ART / PERFORMANCE and MUSIC .