Feb 04 – Apr 15, 2016

Conference dates: June 21- 23
Workshop dates: June 18 - 26
Workshop applications due: April 15

As Para Site celebrates its 20th anniversary, this year’s edition of the International Conference will reflect on the different waves of change that have shaped the art landscape of Hong Kong and the world in these past twenty years. Taking each decade in which Para Site’s work was present, the 1990s, the 2000s, and the 2010s as the starting point of a separate day in the three-day conference, we will suppose that this imperfect and conventional periodisation can nevertheless help us understand the deep transformations of this timeframe. The discussions will be looking both from the perspective of Hong Kong and that of the rest of the world, and the titles of each day are: The 1990s: Identity in the times of the handover and the age of the Biennial; The 2000s: The rise of China and the global art world; and The 2010s: Booms and crises in the age of the art fair. Speakers at the conference include: Roger Buergel, Amy Cheng, Sofia Hernandez Chong Cuy, Leung Chi Wo, Carol Lu, Lucas Ospina, Pi Li, Phoebe Wong, Sara Wong, Tirdad Zolghadr, among others.

For the second year in a row, alongside Para Site’s annual International Conference, an 8-day education programme for emerging professionals (June 18 - 25) is designed to provide learning opportunities mediated by reputed speakers from Para Site’s conference as well as by art practitioners from across Hong Kong’s diverse institutional landscape. Working with the topics covered in the annual International Conference, the Workshops for Emerging Professionals provides a laboratory for experimentation, posing fundamental questions and ideas that challenge various models of curatorial practice. The programme offers opportunities for networking and for the development of systems meant to nurture the participants’ careers.

Selected participants will be responsible for travel from their place of residence to Hong Kong, as well as the return trip, and accommodation expenses. There is no tuition fee. Para Site will cover daily meals and local transportation for all the site visits.

The course will be delivered in English.



Please send completed applications in English to by April 15, 2016. The material sent for the application will not be returned.

Applicants will be notified of the results in late April 2016.



 -    A proposal (max. 1,000 words) for a curatorial project, which includes the concept, list of artists, and the institutional/geographical context for the project. This can be a purely hypothetical project, but it should be realistic and considerate towards the context selected.

-    A description or review (max. 600 words) of a curatorial project that has made an impact on the applicant.

-    Curriculum Vitae, including an extensive description of relevant working experience. 

-    One reference letter.


Freya Chou
Curator of Education and Public Programmes


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Installation image of The 21st Century Undead Coterie of Contemporary Art, the final Para Site exhibition at 4 Po Yan Street, Sheung Wan, September 2014