Yangzhou Fried Rice Incident Log


Jul 02 – Jul 25, 2004

In July, 'Rice-ism' and Para Site Art Space invites you to 'Yangzhou Fried Rice Incident Log'. This project is based on the concept of 'living with design' - design is not merely for functional use, but also an idea that can be incorporated into everyday life. Like Yangzhou Fried Rice, it is such an eclectic dish that we forget what it is made up of as the original properties of its ingredients have evolved in the course of cooking. With workshops and an exhibition, 'Yangzhou Fried Rice Incident Log' examines the interpretations and concepts on living, culture and design by modifying everyday design objects.

In the exhibition, the audience are invited to immerse themselves into the unknown design experience. Like soft and versatile marine organisms with numerous sensitive arms that follow the sea stream and are alert to the surrounding environment, let us open up our senses, have fun by turning the ordinary life upside down and inside out.