Lam Hoi Sin

Mar 26 – Jun 25, 2010

Curated by Dominique Chiu

Para/Site Art Space presents 5 selected new works from Lam Hoi Sin’s series Interpretation.

Developed under surrealist influence, Interpretation is an ongoing series of drawings based on found images. The artist explores the ambiguity in found photographic images and reconfigures the visual components with her eccentric associations. The juxtaposed images compete against each other as the audience’s attention wavers between reality and imagination. 

Lam Hoi Sin, aka Sin, was born in 1986 and raised in Hong Kong. Having hundreds of websites, Sin uses the Internet as a communication tool for her thoughts and random pieces. Besides blogging in different themes, production includes automatic drawings of music, hand-painted totes and affordable conceptual art. She has participated in Bag for Better (2009) and Feng Yu Piao Yao Ai Guo Shi (2009), and is currently shown in FAX (2010), an exhibition co-organised by Independent Curators International and Para/Site Art Space, through 1 April 2010.


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