Folding Hong Kong

Esther Yip

Jan 09 – Mar 09, 2010

Curated by Dominique Chiu

Esther Yip turns the suffocating cityscape of Hong Kong into a foldable miniature with paper pop-up technique, recreating the familiar cold towers of stone, glass and metals with her usual playfulness and liveliness. A motor is used to animate this version of Folding Hong Kong, leading the audience into an erratic visual fantasy of this ordinary scenery that we see everyday.   

Yip graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the department of Fine Arts (BA) in 2007. Her artworks were exhibited in Hong Kong International Art Fair (2008), Ha Ha! Happy Mid Autumn Festival~ works by Esther Yip (2008), Fotanian: Fotan Artists Open Studios (2009) She was an art tutor in Art in hospital and Art for all, and an member of Hong Kong Fotanian Artist Village. She received the scholarship from the New Asia College, Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2005, 2006 and 2007. Her works are characterized by their rich colors, handiwork and interactivity. 

Para/Site Central
Generously hosted by Hanart TZ, Para/Site Central is the smallest independent exhibition venue in Hong Kong, regularly featuring young local talents. The space is managed by non-profit arts organization Para/Site Art Space with its main exhibition space located on 4 Po Yan Street, Sheung Wan. Please visit for more details.

Folding Hong Kong cover image courtesy of the artist.