Christian Jankowski A life that changes your week

Christian Jankowski

Oct 06 – Oct 12, 2005

Karaoke, a hunt for food, a puppet conference, a holy artwork, a talk in Athens, a magic transformation into a dove and a poodle and an encounter with an Italian TV astrologer.

For one week only, Para/Site Art Space will present works of Christian Jankowski, one of the most talked about multimedia artists of his generation.

Christian Jankowski lives in New York and Berlin and participated in numerous International Biennials (1997 Lyon Biennale, 1999 Venice Biennale, 2001 Berlin Biennale, 2002 Vilnius, 2002 Whitney Biennale) and in numerous solo and group exhibitions around the world.

The multimedia artist (in every sense of the word) cleverly merges reality, fiction, story telling, amateurism and professionalism in his videos. His work is a mix of performance and video art and his well-constructed stories are hilariously funny takes on life and the art-world, featuring performances by local amateurs and professionals. 

A life that changes your week will bring together ten of Christian Jankowski’s one channel video works from the past 14 years.  The centerpiece of this exhibition is The Day We Met, a video installation originally produced for the Artsonje Center in Seoul. Jankowski professionally filmed three background videos for the biggest karaoke machine manufacturer in Korea that are currently included in machines worldwide.